About Us

Since 1983, Datel’s primary business focus has been selling and supporting technology solutions primarily to the public sector market in the County of San Diego. About 85% of our revenue comes from sales and service to local cities, school districts and other local government entities. A part of our work is the sale of technology hardware including desktops, servers, networking equipment, peripherals and printers. In addition, we also provide both pre and post-sales support and consulting for our customers. As part of our business strategy, we are competent with a diverse and always changing list of competencies. We employ highly trained and talented people who work every day to deliver the best possible services our customers need.

Datel has the following specialized departments:

Networking Design and Implementation: Datel has partnered with Cisco as its first tier networking partner. Datel has expertise with Cisco products in Routing and Switching, Advanced Unified Communications, Wireless, Storage and UCS Servers. We have certified employees in all these varying segments and offer and provide a wide range of services related to Cisco Technology.

Network Management: Datel provides a variety of networking management services through its partnership with N-Able Technologies. Datel has partnered with them for the last eight years and provides these services to over 15 different agencies located in San Diego.

Servers: Datel has partnered with Hewlett Packard and has expertise in all of their data center products including blade servers, storage products, and rack/pedestal servers as well as their laptop and desktop product lines. Datel has certified employees in their product lines and have a certification of Public Sector Elite from HP.

Mesh Wireless: Datel has a strong mesh wireless business practice focused on providing large scale wireless mesh technologies primarily with Strix Systems. We have been partnered with Strix for the last seven years and maintain their highest level of authorization.

Video Surveillance: Over the last seven years, video surveillance has been moving from the traditional “analog” systems to digital system across IP networks. We have found that most of the companies that provided these traditional systems were slow to adopt the newer technology. As the result of not having a solid background in computer networking, they generally were not able do a satisfactory job for their existing customers. Datel has evaluated several solutions that were in the marketplace and chose OnSSI as our partner. Since then, we have deployed their solution to a number of our customers over the past several years.

Cabling and Infrastructure: Datel is a licensed C-10 contractor through the State of California. Datel noticed that most of the cabling contractors did not have a good understanding of technology and how the aspects of proper cabling were critical to how these systems performed. As a result, Datel spent the time and effort in order to become a licensed contractor. While researching the type of license to acquire, the determination was made to obtain a C-10 electrical license. Even though a C-7, which is a low voltage cabling license, was easier to get, it would be of more value to have the C-10 license which allows performing of low voltage systems like data cabling, but would also allow us to perform high voltage services as well.