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IT Project Management: Is your business expanding or relocating? By allowing Datel Systems to manage your IT needs, you can focus on what’s important to your business…making money.

There are four major areas which need to be addressed in the expansion or relocation of your business:

  • Infrastructure – any hardware or materials necessary to form the backbone of a local area network (LAN), including cabling, switches and all associated peripherals.
  • Networking – the connectivity between all devices such as servers, workstations, printers, and other equipment. There are three primary types of networks: local area network (LAN) , wide area network (WAN), and virtual private network (VPN). Connectivity with high speed connections to the internet with Fiber or Copper for high speed voice and data services.
  • Applications – programs used to perform a specific task or function. The most common in a business environment include productivity and database software.
  • Telephony – all voice and data services provided by a carrier or service provider. These services are necessary for a business to communicate outside the local area network and require at least 30-45 days for implementation.